Power of a Well-Connected Realtor

  • Margaret Baczkowski
  • 03/26/21
Although the digital age has made buying or selling a home a self-propelled endeavor, real estate remains a person-to-person business. Even the most seasoned homeowners and sellers benefit from the personal touch and professional acumen of a realtor.
The luxury market, in particular, can prove tricky to navigate. Unwavering sellers, discerning buyers, and once-in-a-lifetime market conditions make it all a dizzying affair.
It's all the more reason to seek out a real estate professional with market insights, negotiation savvy, and the experience of past transactions to help with yours.
Here are three more ways the power of a well-connected realtor will ensure your real estate transaction is highly rewarding.

A Deep Roster of Contacts

Want to be the first to tour a high-rise condo before it hits the market? Do you require best-in-class vendors to revamp, stage, and ready your home for sale?
The power of a well-connected realtor truly shines at the start of the purchase or sales process—those early stages when you want to build momentum towards the final transaction.
Respected, seasoned realtors curate extensive connections within their given markets. It affords them the opportunity to show off-market properties or get insider info on exclusive showings before they're made public.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, connected realtors know how to source the best industry vendors. In many cases, they've worked with them before. Stagers, repair crews, marketing teams, and web developers—they know everyone who has a hand in making your listed property shine.
For buyers, too, the contact list is invaluable—inspectors, finance and title experts, home inspectors, and even movers. If there's a need to make your transition smoother, a well-connected realtor will know who to contact.

An Expanded Reach

Realtors plugged into their respective markets can have unparalleled reach. For sellers, this translates to a commanding marketing presence. From past buyers or investors to a lengthy list of peers with their own clients, the right realtor can seamlessly connect the right buyer with your property.
Take it one step further, and a marketing savvy realtor's social media platform can expand your potential buyer pool a hundredfold. More looks mean more offers and a faster sale.
And if you're a buyer wanting to get a tour at a hot new property—before it lands on the open market—an agent tapped into the market's comings and goings will get you there first.

An Experienced Team

It's an underappreciated aspect of the real estate process, but top agents also employ amazing support staff. These teams ensure that the entire real estate transaction process is a worry-free experience for buyers and sellers.
And it’s not just fellow agents at firms that have a hand in your property experience. From appointments to inspections and negotiations and the vast amount of paperwork to sort through, real estate is a collaborative effort.
A well-connected agent will have the benefit of knowing who's the best at what they do. They'll also ensure that those same professionals are the individuals heading to secure your transaction.
Are you interested in buying or selling Chicago luxury real estate? From the Gold Coast to Lincoln Park to Streeterville, contact Margaret Baczkowski today and allow her years of experience and expertise to help you navigate the process.

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